About Me

Welcome to my art blog where I share cute and colorful illustrations, and my process behind making them!

Me at Nara Park, Osaka in 2018
Osaka 2018

My name is Ira Cruz – Vigil. I am a full-time UI/UX designer by day, and an artist during the rest of my nonworking hours. I produce all my works digitally, using my handy iPad and pencil. From time to time though, I still dabble with traditional media like watercolor, gouache and oil paint. I also love crafting with air dry clay and yarn.

I have started Ree Studio in 2014 as a way of just sharing my illustrations on my Instagram account (and I still post tons of stuff there so you should follow me!), and I got stuck to just doing that over the years.

I have BIG plans for 2019 though, so keep posted!

Here are the links to my social media accounts, so that you can follow me online:

For any inquiries, please send an email to hey.reestudio@gmail.com.