Hello World!

I’m finally starting a blog, yay! I have always wanted to start a blog, but instead, I have been sharing my art over at my Instagram account for over 3 years now.

I have been holding back blogging, because doing it at the same time as posting on Instagram seemed redundant. Its basically the same. You post a photo, and add long text. It actually seems easier there, because of the photo editing tools in the app itself.

Posting on Instagram, however can be very toxic. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions all the time I have been there. It was fun at the beginning, but worsened as I became obsessed with my following and engagement.

It started with me making art all day long, and eventually, it became such that I would try to make art as quickly as possible, while documenting it for my “Instagram story”, and then spend all day checking my story views, likes, comments and comment likes. I would also make sure that I would like back the posts of the accounts that liked my post and wonder why my friends haven’t liked my posts yet.

I would start challenges, for the sake of doing challenges and proving that I am as good as the other artists I see (as I scroll Instagram all day long). As a result, instead of enjoying it, I underwent so much pressure that instead of forgiving myself if I miss one day of challenge, I just quit. I quit because I feel like I am not capable of being an artist at all.

I would check those who have unfollowed me, all the time, to make sure I unfollow them immediately. I got so heartbroken, when a friend whom I thought was close to me had unfollowed me, that I stopped posting for a very long time.

Blogging, as I am imagining it to be, seems like a safe place. I am hoping to be able to post here freely, without the noise of social media.